What The Hell Is Ransomware? Simple Explanation..

Ransomware is a strong threat to you and your computer devices , but what make this malware so dangerous? Ransomware is extortion software that can lock your computer and then demand a ransom for it release. In most case, ransomware infection occurs as follows . If you want to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack, you should rely on high-quality ransomware protection software and some computer policies embedded in your organization.

Below are some xxamples of Ransomware

WannaCry – A powerful Microsoft exploits and leveraged to create a worldwide ransomware worm that infected over 250,000 system before a killswitch was tripped to stop it spread .

CryptoLocker – This was the first current generation of ransomware that required cryptocurrency for payment (mostly Bitcoin) and encrypted a user’s hard drive and attached network drives.

Bad Rabbit – Considered a cousin of NotPetya and using similar code and exploit to spread, Bad Rabbit is visible ransomware that appeared to target Russia and Ukraine , mostly impacting medium size company there.


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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security includes sensitive data , personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal information , intellectual property , data , and governmental and industry information systems. Without a good cybersecurity experts , your organization is expose itself against data breach and irresistible target for cybercriminals. Both inherent risk and residual risk is increasing due to global connectivity and usage of cloud service like Amazon Web Services to store sensitive data and personal information.

Poor configuration of cloud service will allow sophisticated cybercriminals to create risk to your organization to suffer from a
successful cyber attack or data breach. Business leader can no longer solely rely on out-of-the-box cybersecurity solution like antivirus software and firewall, cybercriminals are getting smarter and their tactic are becoming more resilient to conventional cyber defenses.
Cyber threat can come from any part of your organization . You must provide awareness to your staff about simple social engineering scam like phishing and more sophisticated cybersecurity attack like ransomware attack or even other malware designed to steal intellectual property or personal

Gaming With Python Using PyGame

The PyGame tutorial assist in grasping and developing game programming . Pygame is for the SDL library that uses direct medium player. SDL render cross-platform uses the multimedia hardware which consist of sound ,video , mouse , keyboard , and joystick . The cross-platform type of both SDL and PyGame allows you to write game which uses multimedia python program for every interface supporting them. Pygame and SDL library are able to run across different platforms and devices, they both need to illustrate and work with many types of hardware in reality .

Simple Installation of Pygame
Look out for a spotlight on mac , then proceed with the installation of PyGame . Move the cursor on the right-hand corner of the desktop and click on the glass icon.

When the spotlight search bar starts to open , type “terminal” in the bar which will help open the terminal. The general will appear on the screen,
it shows that PyGame has been installed in mac os computer. To check whether PyGame has been installed in the mac, just type IDLE in the spotlight search bar then type import PyGame , if there is no error , it is an indication of successful installation of PyGame.


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What is Python Turtle Coding For Kids?

Learning to code offer kids a way to develop and train a range of different skill perceived a useful in other school subject , like creativity ,
problem solving and persistence. Even though learning how to code can be difficult there are some approach that can reduce those difficulty .
We need take the age of the kid into consideration (At-least 10 years old) , but learning coding should be fun. A turtle-shaped cursor draw a 10-point star and it moves around the window frame is known as turtle graphic that are vector graphic and image produced by a small turtle-shaped cursor moving around the screen. It shows that a kid around 8-10 year old should be able to understand the exercise to be coded. The disadvantage of learning python turtle is that it has little to no practical usage in the real world or even the school subjects. Fortunately , Python has a turtle module can be used to learn coding the same way you would with C++ , although using a different syntax. Python is the most widely used programming language worldwide and the one that has been popular in recent year .

Below is a simple code for Python Turtle

import turtle

painter = turtle.Turtle()


for i in range(50):
painter.left(123) # Let’s go counterclockwise this time

for i in range(50):



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Vishal’s Another Hacking Movie – Movie Name is “Chakra”

‘Chakra’ is a cyber crime thriller. Vishal is fit to take up the role of an Army man and how the fearless protagonist Chandru (acted by Vishal) an army man unmasks the criminal.The film opening was with fifty random robbery in various part of Chennai city on August 15 which falls on Independence Day. The criminal gang also loot the Ashok Chakra the pride of Chandru(Vishal)’s family. The case get transferred to the IPS officer Gayathri (Shraddha Srinath) the romantic interest of Chandru.

Regina Cassandra a Leela and a chess coach and computer hacker is the villain here. The name given to her character is special because Leela is also the name of the world ‘s strongest chess computer.

The rest of the film is all about how Chandru and Gayathri find the team behind the notorious crime in the city. The backstory lack emotional connect and the only solace is the constant cat and mouse game between cop and the robbers. As usual Vishal shine in the action department.


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Why Python Programming Is So Important

Choosing the right programming tool will decide your entire success in your software project.Choosing the wrong programming tool, you’ll end up losing more money and even the client too. Your work productivity will be slower and your competition may out beat you and finally your project results may end up below expectations. When you choose the right programming tool, gives a lot of advantages in completing the software projects. If what you’re building is a software project for your company, your core programming tool is your programming language. For your software project to be a success, we recommend that you choose Python for your programming tool.

Python has a healthy community that makes every day to make the language better with improve libraries. Writing Python code is very easy , which can speed up development and making it highly productive. A programmer friendly environment for your building programming tool and more time spent actually focusing on the project. Python gives a pool of many frameworks and libraries .

On the other hand, it’s true that Python’s runtime is slower compared to other languages, Python is still heavily used by companies such a Google. Because CPU time is rarely the limiting factor. The one limited resources is the employee’s time.Employee’s like software developers are not cheap. On top of it, Python also uses fewer lines of code to achieve results comparing with language such a C or Java or even Microsoft DotNet.The simplicity of Python has help many developers to read the code you’ve written or written code by other developers.

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Tracking Packets Over Your Network

NeoTrace is from NeoWorx Inc. and it provides you a simple way whether your packets reach the destination or not.It captures all the information about the hops and IPs and relays it back to you eventually.

When you move your mouse over a node, it shows the name of the computer, the IP address, the longitude and latitude, the physical address, and the total number of the nodes in between your computer and the destination. The Nodes tab show what goes on when it is tracing an ip address.

NeoTrace can do more than ping routers and computers and it allows to shows their locations around the world as your data travels across the Internet.

If a router is not configured to relay any information, it will label it as gray.The List will arrange all the nodes in order with the IP addresses and the names of the computers and the type of networks they correspond too.

Best useful feature is that the tab tells the length of the trace. The Graph tab shows the differences in connectivity and speed. Very useful for administrators who want to discover slow sections in a network. NeoTrace in reality it works by sending small packets of incomplete data to all the computers in the network.


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Creating A Simple IP Packet Using Collasoft Packet Builder

Colasoft Packet Builder is one of the best tools to create and craft ip packets for simulation and testing. You can also edit ip packet raw data with HEX editor. Besides common HEX editing raw data, it features a Decoding Editor allowing users to edit specific protocol field values much easier. You can easily select any of the packets starting from Ethernet Packet, ARP Packet, IP Packet, TCP Packet and UDP Packet, and modify the parameters in the decoder editor, hexadecimal editor or ASCII editor to create or initialize the packets.

While it is able to build packets, you can also save packets to packet files and send the packets to the local network.This program provides several way to create packets:
You can also easily import a existing packet trace file created by sniffers like Colasoft Capsa, Wireshark, Network General Sniffer and WildPackets EtherPeek/OmniPeek etc.
You can Add Packet command in Edit menu or Toolbar to create a new packet, the Builder provides several common-used packet format- Ethernet Packet, ARP Packet, IP Packet, TCP Packet and UDP Packet.

Personally I have simulated and tested Denial of Service in the local network using Colasoft Packet Builder. You will notice your computer will start to get slower and this can be seen in the cpu usage area.

If you have installed Colasoft Capsa, then you find it easier to send packets in Capsa to Packet Builder on the fly.


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Password cracking using cain and abel tool

Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. The program does not exploit any software vulnerabilities or bugs that could not be fixed with little effort. It covers some security aspects/weakness present in protocol’s standards, authentication methods and caching mechanisms; its main purpose is the simplified recovery of passwords and credentials from various sources, however it also ships some “non standard” utilities for Microsoft Windows users.

Cain and Abel tool allows easy recovery of many kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary list, Brute-Force(the hard way) and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding encryption, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, revealing cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. It handles some security weakness that might exist in protocol’s standards, authentication methods and caching mechanisms.

Mainly, Cain and Abel tool is used for the following computer exploitation(can be used for good purpose) when necessary as below:
Sniffing the network
Recording VoIP conversations
Recovering wireless network keys
Decoding scrambled passwords
Uncovering cached passwords
Revealing password boxes
Analyzing routing protocols

Cain and Abel tool needs a dictionary lists as the basis for recovering passwords. Cryptanalysis attack simulation are perform using rainbow tables created with the winrtgen.exe program that is provided whithin Cain and Abel tool.The most recent version of the Cain and Abel software seems quicker and has many new features like ARP Poison Routing (APR) which is used to strike into a LAN network and poison the routers. Cain and Abel software will be able to sniff into any related computer network and examine the security settings and usage like ssh1 and https. This tool in the new version is also able to capture credentials from multiple authentication from windows credentials. I have been personally using this tool to recover windows password for many years and it is still worth even though it takes a long time to recover the passwords. Cain and Abel was developed mainly for security professionals and network administrators, but it’s also has been a useful tool for penetration testers, teachers, security consultants, forensic staff, and security software vendors. It is a very handy tools for these professionals in their career when comes to diagnosis computer security.

There are several reasons that the Cain and Abel password recovery tool should be in your IT security list. Below are some good reasons to consider using Cain and Abel:
It’s free, with no hidden charges at all.
It includes various password-cracking methods.
You can use Cain and Abel to test the strength of your password policies to help you provide added password security.


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Lost or Want To Change Your Windows Password

With Password Changer you can log in as an Administrator or a particular user with a blank password. Password Changer also provides the ability to manage with during which days and times of the week that the user account is permitted to log on to the computer, which is useful for preventing the logging on for account you choose (or remove that kind of prohibition).

If you forgot or lost your password, clearing the original user password has always been the preference and also the most user friendly way. Active@ Password Changer is a very well-known Windows OS login password removal/reset tool that has been designed for DOS and PE operating environments, which can 100% be erase by any local user’s password on Windows environment. The file SAM which is under the location C:\Windows\System32\config\ that stores all Windows user information(including password too) and it cannot be opened and edited directly. Below is the image of the Active@ Password Changer which displays the SAM file location.

Active@ Password Changer has multiple versions which includes DOS, ISO, PE and Desktop environments. Although there are so many similar tools out there used for removing or cracking Windows login passwords, I personally propose Active@ Password Changer and it is definitely the most efficient solution with the highest success rate. If you forgot your computer’s login password someday, or wanted to forcibly and seamlessly log into someone else’s computer with login password protectiona and dont worry, all you need is just a bootable device with Active@ Password Changer installed in it (because you need to run this tool under DOS or PE when you start off the computer).


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